Canadian Sweet Sorghum Hybrid – 45



  • Recommended for one time harvesting to make silage or green chop for dairy and beef.
  • Forage dry matter yield of 12-16 t/ha and 7000 liters of juice with 18-20 brix rate (%)
  • The leaf width ranges from 8-10.5 cm and leaf length ranges from 89-94 cm which is comparable to corn leaf. It has 12-14 leaves and takes 80-95 days to 50 % flowering.
  • This hybrid has very high potential for its juice for production of ethanol, biodiesel and alcoholic beverages such as Baijiu (Chinese white liquor), Whiskey, Vodka and sorghum beer without using barley malt.
  • Frost sensitive with safe prussic acid level
  • This hybrid is exceptional in phenotypic traits and can be grown in semi-arid tropics for the replacement of sugarcane as well as for silage production after juice extraction.

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