Canadian Grain Pearl Millet Hybrid – 90



  • CGPMH-90 is dwarf (100 cm) and yields 3 tons grain yield per hectare having moisture of 13%.
  • High protein (12-14%) including 4.5% Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acid. It replaces in feeding flax seed in poultry and swine to obtain Omega bi-product.
  • CGPMH-90 tillers profusely and all tillers have synchronous maturity.
  • No aflatoxin contamination
  • In rotation, provides control of root lesion nematode in potato, tobacco and other vegetables crops
  • This hybrid takes 100-105 days to mature and can be grown in the latitude of 43.8 ◦ N- 48.8 ◦ N in all over Canada

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