Canadian Forage Pearl Millet – 101



  • CFPM-101 Performs well on soils low in fertility and low pH up to 4.5
  • A highly drought tolerant crop
  • Recommended for Grazing, green chop, silage for dairy, beef, sheep, goat and horses
  • Forage dry matter yield of 7.5 to 15 t/ha with crude protein range from 15-19%
  • Rapid regeneration capacity
  • First cutting would be ready in about 45-50 days after planting, second and third cuts are ready after 25-30 days.
  • It has no prussic acid and other toxic components like nitrates
  • It helps in building soil organic matter when used as a cover crop
  • Significant levels of nutrients are added to soil improving fertility and soil structure
  • CFPM-101 achieves excellent control of root lesion nematodes (RLN) in potato, tobacco and other vegetables crops.

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